Mass intention request

The Church considers the Mass the greatest possible prayer of intercession because it is the perfect offering of Christ to the Father by making present the Paschal Mystery of His death and resurrection.

It is a longstanding tradition in the Church that a Priest may be requested to offer a Mass for a specific intention, even when one cannot be physically present at the Mass.

Mass Intention Request Guidelines

1. In accordance with Canon Law, each Sunday one of the masses must be “Pro Populo” or for all the people of the parish.  No other intentions may be scheduled with that mass.

2. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, and All Souls Day have specific intentions set by the Church.  No other intentions may be scheduled on these days.

3. Please allow 24 hours for your Mass intention request to be processed. NOTE: Mass intention requests received during the weekend will be processed the following business day. 

4. If for an unforeseen circumstance a Mass cancellation occurs, the intention for the Mass will be rescheduled for the next available opening.

5. The standard mass donation is $10.00 per mass.

Those wishing to honor a loved one during the celebration of Mass may call the Parish office (808) 845 - 0984 or by clicking on the image below.