Weekly Stewardship Report






Stewardship of Treasure


Total Weekly Collection (01/09/2022) $2,584.82
Other Offerings (Mass offering, Funerals, NCW, Marriages, Donations, School Rent, Other Masses) $1,408.24
Online Giving $250.00
Special Collections (Repairs & Maintenance) $782.00
Weekly offering needed for Operations 7,069.00
**Unplanned expenses in our budget for this year includes (increase) school debt and monthly expenses. $117,680.00
Total of School debt inherited by St. John’s Parish to be pay in 4 years $424,980.00
Minus Total weekly collection (01/16/2022) $476.15
Balance $424.503.51
Collections Not Retained by the Parish this week $N/A






Parish Office

If you have additional questions regarding our Online Giving program, please contact the parish office at (808) 845 - 0984